Tapas - n. pl. ta*pas (tä’päs) various, savory dishes for sharing

Cheese & Olives
    artisanal cheeses, mixed olives, agave nectar, toasted nuts

Goatcheese Bruschetta
    toasted baguettes with herbed goatcheese, fresh spinach,
olive tapenade, & tomatoes

    blended chickpeas, tahini, & spices with toasted pita points  
(vegan upon request)

Sesame Leaf Roll   (vegan)
    leafy green wrapped with sauteed spinach, sticky rice, & a sesame vinaigrette

Tequila-Lime Guacamole
    spicy, fresh-made with fresh-fried tortilla chips

Sashimi Carpaccio
(Please ask server for weekly sashimi selection)
    thinly sliced sashimi, avocados, scallions, & sticky rice in an asian vinaigrette

Sesame Sashimi Tartare
(Please ask server for weekly sashimi selection)
    diced sashimi in a sesame-soy sauce with sticky rice & a fried wonton

Buffalo Tempeh
    tempura fried organic soy-cake in a spicy buffalo sauce with
creamy parmesan dip & cucumbers

Hand Cut Fries
    red potato or sweet potato fries with your choice of 2 sauces:
ketchup, spicy ketchup, dill feta, buffalo, creamy parmesan,
honey mustard, peanut, roasted red pepper, spicy aioli, & smoked gouda 

    japanese fried seasonal veggies with a warm sweet soy sauce
    add Shrimp

Tortilla Espanola
    potato & onion Spanish style omelet topped with sour cream,
tomatoes, & scallions
    fried with marinated seasonal veggies in a pineapple sweet & sour sauce

Avocado Chop Chop
    baked half avocado with shrimp & japanese aioli

Blue Crabcakes
    cajun seasoned with roasted red pepper & hot pepper remoulade sauces

Calamares Fritos
    lightly battered & fried with roasted red pepper & warm tempura dipping sauces

Blue Crab & Artichoke Dip
    baked in a parmesan sauce with toasted baguettes

Garlicky Shrimp
    sauteed in a spicy garlic butter with toasted baguettes

Pan Seared Scallops
    two jumbo scallops, seasonal veggies, & roasted garlic mashed potatoes with spicy aioli

    monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, scallions, & jalapeno with sour cream & pineapple salsa
    add Spinach & Black Beans or Sweet Potatoes
    add Chicken (all natural), Shrimp, or Crab

Smoked Gouda Nachos
    fresh fried tortilla chips, smoked gouda, black beans, tomatoes, scallions,
    jalapeno, sriracha sour cream, & fresh cilantro
    add Chicken (all natural) or Seafood (shrimp & crab)

Tempura Tacos
    Two corn tortillas with fried market-fresh fish, asian slaw, cilantro, tomatoes, & spicy aioli 

    sauteed seasonal veggies in a tangy teriyaki
with sticky rice & a fried wonton 
    with your choice of Tofu, Chicken (all natural), or Shrimp


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